Kratos : Fallen God art! – Tony Parker Art

Kratos : Fallen God art!

Here’s a piece I did last year, before everything went all pandemic. I wanted to play with a more rendered style, as compared to the looser style for the comic. Enjoy! 😀

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Tony Parker is an award winning and 2010 and 2019 Eisner nominated illustrator who resides outside Portland, Oregon. He has appeared both in front of and behind the camera in movies, been featured on television, and had his line art work has been published in over 100 books, multiple comic series, 130 TCG cards and a number of book covers. His clients have included, but are not limited to, the following companies: Marvel Enterprises, DC Entertainment, Dark Horse Publishing, Image Comics, Santa Monica Studios, Nike, T-Mobile, the Phoenix Suns, BOOM! Studios, IDW, Heavy Metal, Games Workshop, and many more. Series include God of War 4, Mass Effect, Mayday, and This Damned Band. He still loves giving hugs.