ACME this weekend in conjunction with FCBD.

For those who don’t recognize those acronyms, that’s Arizona Comic Mini Expo and Free Comic Book Day.  I’ll be at the ACME Art Show at Gotham Comics in Mesa, AZ Friday night starting at 7 pm, and at the main show Saturday for Free Comic Book Day at Samurai Comics on Saturday from 11am-5pm.  Come on by, and see some work that hasn’t been seen by eyes other than mine.  See ya there!

Seattle was amazing.

HUGE thanks to Emerald City Comicon for hosting me in Seattle this last weekend, and the Pacific Northwest in general.  I had an AMAZING time, and hope to make it back next year.  Thank you to everyone who dropped by my booth, if nothing else to say hi.  The attendees there were incredibly nice, and a joy to be around.  Thank you again for making me feel so welcome! 😀