Podcast interview. :)

I was just recently interviewed by Retcon, and had a great time.  Warning.  I talk fast.  Really fast.  I still don’t know how people understand me in real life.


Back from appearances

Thanks again to Cab Comics in Flagstaff and Atomic Comics Paradise Valley for having me appear at their events yesterday.  I had a great time, and had some wonderful conversations with everyone who showed up.  Thanks also to Dave Beaty and Jonathan Hickman for sharing space with me.  🙂

DADOES is done.

I just sent in the last of the corrections for the last pages for Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?.  I was lucky enough to be on an incredibly talented team, and am thankful to everyone involved.  Blond the Colorist ( http://www.blondthecolorist.deviantart.com/ )  did just beautiful work since the beginning, and made me look so much better than I should have.  Richard Starkings (http://www.comicraft.com/), the perennial powerhouse letterer, created art with the word balloons that was almost too subtle and natural to be noticed.  My editors Ian Brill and Bryce Carlson kept me honest but gave me freedom.  BOOM! Studios and Ross Richie allowed me to be a part of it.  Isa Dick and Electric Shepard showed a tremendous amount of trust in the risks I took with their heritage.  Finally, without the amazing words of Philip K. Dick, and his powerful story, this would obviously be nothing.  Thank you all for reading this groundbreaking experiment, for without you, it does not exist.  I can only hope that you had close to how much fun I have had over the past two years.