Avengers 100 Cover to be exhibited at C2E2!

For everyone in the Chicago area, or anyone going to C2E2 this year, drop by and see the collection of Avengers 100 sketch covers.  I was lucky enough to be part of this fundraiser, and here’s a chance to see all the covers at once!  😀


Revised Page going LIVE!

Welcome to the new TonyParkerArt!  😀  Along with being the exclusive store for original art, I’ll also be posting material exclusively here!  I look forward to hearing from everyone, and doing my best to entertain.  🙂

JLA #50 Cover!

JLA/HERO Initiative Cover!

I can finally announce that I was lucky enough to do one of the covers for the JLA #50 sketch cover for the HERO Initiative!  🙂  It was great fun, and I’m thankful for being allowed to be a part of it.  Here are some links: