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Tony Parker is an award winning and 2010 Eisner nominated illustrator who resides in Phoenix, Arizona. He has appeared both in front of and behind the camera in movies, been featured on television, and had his line art work has been published in over 100 books, multiple comic series, 130 TCG cards and a number of book covers. His clients have included, but are not limited to, the following companies: Marvel Enterprises, DC Entertainment, Dark Horse Publishing, BOOM! Studios, Games Workshop, Black Libraries,Green Ronin, Sabertooth Games, Mongoose Publishing, and many more. He still loves giving hugs.

This Damned Band

Check out these wonderful previews and even an advance review by Sy Spurrier! Paul, Lovern, and I have been busting our collective asses on this, and it looks wonderful. Please preorder from your friendly local comic shop, as it helps out everybody. Diamond Order code JUN150081




The AMAZING review!


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I’ll be at the Phoenix Comicon, at the Phoenix Convention Center, July 5-8.  I will have two new prints (Boba Fett and Mass Effect), as well as plenty of original art to peruse (Mass Effect, R.I.P.D., Warhammer, and much more), and back issues.  Come on by and say hi!FettFinalpromo MEFlatlrpromo


N7 Sale! In honor of Mass Effect, I’m having an N7 sale TODAY ONLY! This includes Mass Effect canon pages from The Fall of Eden Prime, Urdnot Wrex, and Kaiden. Free shipping to the Continental US, Alaska and Hawaii, and a free page of random published art for total purchases over $250!. This covers my whole back catalog, so let your friends know! Sale ends at Midnight, Arizona time. Click on the Store link, and happy hunting! 😀

San Diego Comicon and Dead Man’s Run #6

I’ll be going to San Diego Comic Con next week. For anyone that was able to get tickets, please drop by the Aspen booth and say hi.  I’ll post times, as well as other appearances, via Twitter and Facebook.  I’ll have original art with  me as well.  I can also hand deliver and accept cash for any art in the store as well, just as long as we arrange which art, and when to meet.  I’ll also be posting up the original art for Dead Man’s Run #6 tomorrow in the store, to coincide with it being released.  Greg wrote an amazing story, and it was incredibly fun to do.  🙂